Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Expo

Last month, I had the privilege to run the Inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon. I had a fun day with my friends, Jen and Jamie, in Paris, and three fantastic days at Disneyland Paris enjoying the parks and time with friends, old and new.  This was a great experience and a fantastic race!

The Expo:

The expo was small for a RunDisney race, but it was sufficient – with opportunities to buy shoes and race fuel, and fun photo ops – what more does one need?

We picked up our bibs and our Castle to Chateau wristbands then checked out the merchandise booth. I was on a mission for pins, and a Rapunzel shirt for Mel. The only pin they had remaining when were there was the Semi Marathon Pin. I think it’s fantastic that the pin card has so much detail, but I especially love the phrase “Semi Marathon” to describe a half marathon!


Semi Marathon Pin

We looked at the other merchandise – race shirts, I Did It shirts, a coffee mug, a key chain, a headband, a Remy plush, and a couple of hats. There was also a jacket, but it was a generic Disneyland Paris Parks jacket, nothing specific for the race. We paid for our merchandise and started wandering around the vendor booths. We stopped by the Hoka OneOne booth to check on an issue I was having with one of my shoes, and even though the rep couldn’t help me, I did score this great hat!

Time to Fly

Then we picked up our shirts and immediately exchanged them for a size up, as they were EU sized and a tad bit small (I would’ve ordered the size I needed in advance, if I’d been able to, as I was expecting EU sizing, but it wasn’t an option when I registered). We also stopped by the RunDisney booth to check out the medals for upcoming races, and to pick up our complimentary Castle to Chateau Challenge 2016 buttons.

My Upcoming Races


Free Castle to Chateau Challenge 2016 Button

One last fun stop before we left the expo was at the booth for the water sponsor, Vittel. They had a trampoline in front of a backdrop where you could take a great jumping action shot and get a bottle of water. It’s important to hydrate before a race and we couldn’t find anywhere at the expo to buy water – so on the trampoline I went! I’m sure my “action shot” looks strange, but it was fun, and most importantly, I got a couple of bottles water! I’m not sure where that photo ended up, but here’s another one from the expo. 😉

Run, Mickey, Run!

Race recap coming soon! 🙂


New Shoes and Training Plans

I knew from everything I read over the last several weeks that I needed special shoes for running. I had never heard of such a thing, but who am I turn to turn down an opportunity for shopping and new shoes? Therefore, I went to a local running store, as recommended by everyone on the internet, to buy special running shoes. I told the rep about my goals, and we got started. He watched my gait while I “ran” and determined I was a slight pronator in need of a shoe with moderate support to counteract my pronation. We tried several shoes, but the ones that felt the best were the Adidas Supernova Sequence 4s. Of course needing a women’s size 11 shoe for running meant there were not any pretty girly colors to choose from, but they were comfortable and that is what matters.

I got the shoes, time to start training.

I used a Jeff Galloway training plan that I found on runDisney.com and started following a beginners training plan. The plan called for two weekly 30 minutes runs, and then a longer run on the weekend, gradually increasing mileage until a couple of weeks before race day. I could do this. My first training run was on 1/12/12. I did short run/walk/run intervals, and finished 2.03 miles, with an average pace of 17:34 per mile. The pace was definitely not great, but not bad for my first time out there. One thing I knew well from all of my research on Disney races, is that runDisney requires a 16:00 minute per mile pace to stay on course as a runner and avoid the sweeper bus. I had some work to do.